July 2 – September 27, 2019
Blue, by its very appearance colors everything. Reaching beyond what’s visible in nature it gives voice to world history and provides a bridge to our emotions. From despair to serenity, blue awakens our senses, providing a visual foundation underscoring its significance and power.
Blue, the cool color. Artists throughout history have explored how color expresses and conjures emotions, affects mood, memories, and associations. From cold icy blues to midnight blue – artists use the color blue for all it’s worth to symbolize and convey. Seen from above, below or from within, the universal language of blue is revealed by artists in this new exhibit.
Take a walk on the blue side and experience, first-hand the “Language of Blue.”

Women Painters of Washington Gallery

701 5th Ave. Suite 310, Seattle, WA

Free and open to the public

Participating Artists

Olga Bolgar, Ann Breckon, Whitney Buckingham-Beechie, Laraine Chung, Marilyn Charlat Dix, Helen Drummond, Amy Ferron, Nancy Fulton, Sarah Guthrie, Janet Hamilton, Judith Heim, Pat Hitchens, Debbie Lee Hughbanks, Sheri Jacobson, Sandra Kahler, Jan Koutsky, Emiliya Lane, Agnes Lee, Anni Leedy, Marsha Lippert, Sue Madill, Judith Marshall, Janet Mayer, Susan Miller, Judith Perry, Molly Preston, Cheryl Richey, K. Robinson, Beverly Shaw-Starkovich

Featured Image: Water Dragon by Whitney Buckingham-Beechie