January 8 – March 29, 2019

Enliven winter months by remembering warm, lush days captured by artists in a variety of mediums inspired on site – whether outdoors or inside from life. This new exhibition pays tribute to “plein air” painting and drawing, which emphasize spontaneous, fresh, in-the-moment approaches that capture the fleeting realities of natural light, shadow, color, and texture. French Impressionists pushed these approaches to new levels. Today’s artists continue to pursue the evocative outcomes of trying to capture a unique place in time on site.

Artists display finished works inspired by observations on site – – “in the open air” or started in the field and completed in studio. When final works are studio-completed, artists also share their field sketches and color notes, which influenced their finished creations. Join us to experience the compelling, unique results, as well as the process and inspiration, of creating works of art inspired by being “on location.”

Women Painters of Washington Gallery

701 5th Ave. Suite 310, Seattle, WA

Free and open to the public

Participating Artists

Mary Anderson
Barb Noonan
Larine Chung
Alice Dubiel
Amy Ferron
Julie Fisco
Nancy Fulton
Naomi Gray
Janet  Hamilton
K Robinson
Sandra Kahler
Leavitt Donna Leavitt
Anni Leedy
Sue Madill
Susan Miller
Marsha Lippert
Molly Preston
Hiroko Seki
Laraine Wade-Butter
Susan Waite

Featured Image: Opening Up by Molly Preston