Point of Lead

January 10 – March 31, 2017

Linear marks are one of the fundamental elements in art.  In addition to lines forming the core of human languages around the globe, artists have used graphite, charcoal, paint, ink, pastel, or other media and tools in their quest to communicate directionality, depth, shape, pattern, texture, and movement.
Twenty-three members of Women Painters of Washington use linear elements in creative and unique applications in works that represent a range of styles, media, and subjects.
Marvel the many ways a simple line when deftly applied can create meaning and magic!

Women Painters of Washington Gallery

701 5th Ave. Suite 310, Seattle, WA

Free and open to the public

participating artists

Donna Leavitt
Hiroko Seki
Susan Glendenning
Elizabeth Halfacre
Judith Marshall
Pamela Harold
Sandra Kahler
Judy Perry
Kim Caldwell
Elizabeth Kincaid
Irene Yesley
Marsha Lippert
Susan Miller
Karen Richter
Larine Chung
Beth Betker
Lois Lord
A.J. Lowe
Jacqueline Van Noy
Anni Leedy
Jane Mayer
Helen Drummond
Kristi Dyson

Featured Image: The Wind Wreaks Havoc by Susan Miller