April 3 – July 1, 2018

Is likeness essential to portraiture? Works in this new exhibit raise this question as they present portraits with people as well as “portraits” without people – alternate means for capturing an individual’s personality, values, and experiences.

Twenty-four-member artists showcase an American, 21st century, modernist lens through which “self” is represented in fresh, figurative and non-figurative approaches. For example, some artists express “self” with adopted symbols – abstract geometrics, typographical features, and natural forms – that function as surrogates for private meanings.

Many artists in this show forgo physical likeness in their “portraits” in favor of allusion and enigma. Come see and experience the ongoing pursuit of artists – and all of us – in the elusive quest to uncover and communicate our personal and collective identifies and meanings.

Women Painters of Washington Gallery

701 5th Ave. Suite 310, Seattle, WA

Free and open to the public


Participating Artists

Pam Beer
Christine Bergman
Kathie Bliss
Ilona Brustad
Larine Chung Marilyn Dix
Nancy Fulton
Rita Gesinger
Susan Glendenning
Judith Heim
Lou Ellen Huff
Sandra Kahler
Seiko Konya
Donna Leavitt
Anni Leedy
Janci Mannington
Judith Marshall
Jane Mayer
Judy Perry
Cheryl Richey
K Robinson
Beverly Shaw-Starkovich
Kathryn Townsend
Susie Wind
Elizabeth Halfacre (1948-2018)

Featured Image: Woman in Blue by Ilona Brustad