Membership Application

We Will be Accepting Applications for Membership for 2023
Starting October 1, 2022

Eligibility for Membership

Applicants must be professional women artists living in the state of Washington. Each woman must have exhibited in at least THREE shows in one or more of the following categories and/or provide a history of commissioned work or inclusion in corporate or public art collections.

  • A regional arts center or museum (this could be like the Kirkland Arts Center or Schack Arts Center in Everett)
  • An established gallery
  • The professional division of an open juried exhibition

The three qualifying shows must have taken place within the past 5 years, and recent activities must show evidence of professional growth. Applicants must submit 5 examples of recent work. All works submitted must be 2-D and suitably presented to hang on a wall. Work must be original in content and will not be considered if done under and/or critiqued by an instructor. Acceptable mediums for eligibility are paints of all kinds, pastels, colored pencils, charcoal, ink, etchings, monotypes, hand pulled prints, encaustic, collage, or mixed media.

We start accepting applications October 1st. All applications are due by February 15, 2023.
Your application must consist of the following information:
1. Prepare a one-page resume of your artistic career emphasizing what you have achieved IN THE LAST FIVE YEARS. DO NOT EXCEED ONE PAGE. RESUME MUST FOLLOW THIS FORMAT AND INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING:
a. Your letterhead containing full name, address, city, state, zip, phone, e-mail, date.
b. Your education, artistic background, and any art related extracurricular activities.
c. The name of juried shows, their locations, and show dates.
d. Commission work, and/or work included in Corporate and Public Collections
e. The name of galleries and other exhibitions, their locations, show dates, and number of paintings shown
f. Awards received and publications.
g. Your professional affiliations (membership dates and positions held).
h. On the same page include a short artist statement about your work (philosophy, technique, etc.).
i. Have you applied in previous years? Yes_no_which years?
2. Prepare jpegs (1MB or less each) of five professional images of a cohesive body of work, from the last 5 years, each image labeled by number, artist, medium, date completed, size, title. Helpful information for preparing images is provided in the Guidelines Document.
3. Prepare a one-page Word document of an image identification sheet which lists the corresponding numbers, artist name, titles, medium, date complete, sizes.
4. Please send as attachments the jpegs (1MB each), the resume, and the identification sheet to