Juried Member show

The Legacy Continues: Empowering Women

Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center
October 16, 2020 — February 6, 2021

Legacy Show Gallery of the Paintings


Charlotte Slade Decker, “The Ceiling Can’t Hold Us”
This piece is to be a fiercely feminine affirmation of the human spirit, an inspired expression of freedom and spontaneity.
Medium: acrylic, 36hx36wx1.5d, Price: $900.00
Ilse Reimnitz, “Equality”
“Women’s empowerment is a critical aspect of achieving gender equality”
Medium: monotype, 29hx36wx1d, Price: $1,000.00
Kristi Galindo Dyson, Imagine
“Whatever I imagine can become a new reality. Creative exploration increases the realm of possibilities.”
Medium: acrylic on paper board Finished Size: 28hx28wx1.25d Price: $900.00
Carol Hassen, Multi-Tasking
“Women have always been required to multi-task with work, children, and households but in today’s bizarre world the task has been increased substantially and is more difficult than ever due to technology, a pandemic, and loss of funding for arts organizations. “
Medium: mixed media Finished Size: 24x24x2 Price: $1,050.00
Jonlee Nunn, “Not for Sissies!”
“The women suffragettes endured failure and ridicule for over 60 years before women got the right to vote, showing us the power of perseverance.”
Medium: mixed, 24hx18wx1.5d Price: $1,200.00
Nancy Rothwell, “Let Mother Vote-2”
“In the 1920s, women faced chaos as they broke out of their mold to demand the right to vote.”
Medium: acrylic collage, 24hx2wx2d, Price: $550.00
Marilyn Charlat Dix, Joyeux Femmes I
“The Woman in front gleefully celebrates our legacy. Images depicted on the back honor our past influences which enables our move to a stronger future.”
Medium: mixed media on plexiglass box & paper Finished Size: 18hx24wx1.5d Price: $2,250.00
Dena Elzie, Beyond The Pane #2
“While some may see a window as a barrier, a way to keep things out, for women a window can be a link between the domestic sphere and the freedom provided by the outside world.”
Medium: oil and cold wax Finished Size: 16hx16w Price: $400.00
Sandra Kahler, Low Tide: Discovering
“Thank you, Aunt Thelma. My Montana Aunts: Thelma, Lila, Gayle and Joy all painted and entered the Great Falls County Fairs where I saw their blue-ribbon paintings. These wonderful ladies shared Montana mountains, fields, agates, birds, flowers, horses, and rainbow trout. Glorious summers that shaped my future with the awe of discovering and the magic of painting.”
Medium: oil and wax on panel Finished Size: 14hx18w Price: $1,100.00
Karen K. O’Brien ,”The Watermelon Waltz”
“Empowerment is a waltz of many colors and cultures, woven into beautiful movement and vibrancy.”
Medium: soft pastel, 24hx24w. Price: $700.00
Kristin Morris, “Hope for the Future”
“Women continue to empower each other and build on the past with hope for the future.”
Medium: acrylic, 24hx18w Price: $525.00
Maureen Mitchell, “Catch and Release”
“The early 20th century saw women break out of the mold of ‘woman-at-home’ and fly free, newly empowered.”
Medium: mixed media, 22hx18wx2d, Price: $560.00
Jane Mayer, “Party Time”
“Heels” are fun and complete a woman’s “party Essentials!”
Medium: oil, 13.5hx13.5wx2d, Price: $375.00
Mary Jo Maute.”Kisses, at the Zoo”
“In this stream of consciousness scene, humans and other animals are frolicking at the zoo. “
Medium: mixed media, 24hx27w, Price: $700.00
Judith M Marshall, “Never, Never “
“Never, never turn down a challenge or an opportunity.”
Medium: acrylic and mixed media on panel, 12hx12w, Price: $750.00
Jackie VanNoy, “New Song”
“Expressing one’s artistic voice is the most courageous and empowering act we share with one another.”
Medium: acrylic on canvas, 30hx40wx1.5d, Price: $1,150.00
Beverly Shaw-Starkovich, ” The Three Muses”
“My three daughters grew up being told they could be anything they wanted to be.”
Medium: acrylic 30″Hx24″W Price: $800.00
Gayle Scholl, “Paths of Courage”
“Deep down in my soul I hear the grandmothers whispering.” Harvest McCampbe
Medium: cold wax and oil on board, 25hx24wx2.5d, Price: $850.00
Carol Ross,”Stillness Medium”
“A woman’s strength can be felt in the ordinary chair sitting in the field of her history”
Medium: acrylic on cradle board, 24hx24wx1.5d, Price: $850.00
Sue Gill Rose, “Bon Odori “
“Repeating the dance of our mothers and grandmothers”
Medium: acrylic, 14hx12wx2d, Price: $250.00
K Robinson, “Snow Days”
“Observing the shifting effects of weather, light, and time on my view over Portage Bay has empowered me to see the world in all its richness, and to realize there are nuances of reality and truth, not distinct edges.”
Medium: oil bar on canvas, 20hX30w, Price: $1,500.00
Darcie Roberts, “Those Who Came Before”
“Our rights as women have evolved from the sacrifices given by the women who came before us”
Medium: soft pastel, 26hx20wx1.5d, Price: $975.00
Cheryl A. Richey, “Shield of Protection, Listening Stick”
“My shields of protection come at a time in my life and in our history when protection from evil, bad vibes, and short sightedness is at an all-time-high. Women have always been about protection, helping, saving others, looking to the future. Women have a foresight that is unique. May we celebrate this vision at a time when we really need…
Medium: Acrylic, wood sculpture, on canvas, 36”H x 18”W, Price: $600.00
Genny Rees, “Parrot Tulips”
“I am empowered and inspired by witnessing the abundant power and creativity of other female artists.”
Medium: watercolor, 30hx38w, Price: $1,500.00
Mary Rae, “Serenity “
“I think Women of Empowerment have the ability to paint with a Zen-like focus of calmness and peace-of-mind.”
Medium: acrylic, 26hx26wx2d, Price: $500.00
Karen A. Quint, “Storied Fields”
“When crossing the countryside, one wonders how did the heroic homesteading women manage to get here?”
Medium: woodblock/etching, ,16hx20wx1d, Price: $500.00
Molly Preston, “Swimming Upstream”
“Empowering women through pushing through expectations. “
Medium: oil on canvas, 24hx24w, Price: $800.00
Judith Perry, “Thanks Sisters”
“A tribute to the black suffragette: Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, the Purvis Sisters and Maria Stewart.”
Medium: oil, Finished Size: 20hx16w, Price: $950.00
Darlene Gentry Lucas, “Myakka Flow”
“As women artists we are part of the river of time building our paintings stroke by stroke, thought by thought, second by second. Myakka Flow captures the fluid interactions of artistic thought.”
Medium: watercolor and graphite, 20hx30w, Price: $1,200.00
Donna Lough, “The Crusader: RBG”
“Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been on the federal bench for 25 years. In 1993, she became the second woman ever to serve on the United States Supreme Court. Throughout that time she has been a leading voice and a crusader for gender equality, women’s interests, and civil rights and liberties. “
Medium: watercolor and gouache, 19.75hx13w, Price: $850.00
Magali Lenarczak, “Spirited”
‘Statement: I believe empowering women is equal to empowering the whole community and generations to come.”
Medium: watercolor on Yupo, 20hx20wx1.5d, Price: $780.00
T Kurtz, The Giving Choice
“The modern woman was empowered with choices by those who have gone before, some still make the choice to be care givers. I have hoped to represent the modern woman giving respectful care to one of those who fought for our right to choose.”
Medium: soft pastel on suede Finished Size: 22hx19w Price: SOLD
Joy Olney, “Confidence”
This young woman is a harpist. She has worked long and hard to be excellent at what she does. Her confidence comes from within her. She knows that her performance will be her best because of her hard work. We can all be confident knowing that we have worked hard at something in our life. That confidence will shine out…
Medium: oil, 19hx15wx1d Price: $950.00
Jan Koutsky, Mountains to Sea
“The tenacity of the women artists who have gone before me have inspired and empowered my own creative bravery.”
Medium: colored pencil on paper Finished Size: 30hx24wx2d Price: $1,200.00
Kathy Kimball, Against All Odds
“Women as a group have worked over multiple generations to gain the same rights as men. Standing together they continued the work, linking arms as support for what was right in the ongoing push for recognition. The artwork depicts the gathering, communication and support provided by women for each other.”
Medium: acrylic on panel Finished Size: 18hx18wx1d Price: $700.00
Janci Mannington, Orchid Angel
“This orchid reminds us that we can all be angels in our own right helping and supporting women everywhere.”
Medium: oil on canvas Framed/Finished Size: 24hx18wx1.5d Price: $1,200.00
Marti Lyttle, Grace and Grit
“I believe that Nature is a metaphor that mirrors the experiences that we as humans have everyday. We are all part of Mother Nature’s earth bound experience. “She” has been a guiding force in my life and I often look to HER for guidance and wisdom.”
Medium: acrylic on panel Finished Size: 24hx18wx2d Price: $675.00
Mira Kamada, Shop Girl
“Shop Girl confronts society’s stereotype of idealized womanhood.”
Medium: oils on stretched canvas Finished Size: 36hx36wx1.25d Price: $1,800.00
Judy Kalin, The Boss
“I believe a woman leads best by the strength of her convictions.”
Medium: Sumi on rice paper Finished Size: 19hX23w Price: $750.00
Debbie Hughbanks, Carhartts and Canvas
“Because of many brave and fearless women who came before me, I am empowered to pursue whatever dreams I want to, be it owning my own business or becoming a full-time artist later in life and pursuing that goal in a way that best fits me as an individual.”
Medium: pastel Finished Size: 30″Hx23″Wx2″D Price: $1,250.00
Judith Heim, They Did the Math
“Another “common wisdom” was that men excelled in math and science and women did not. Myth buster fact: It was a group of African American women mathematicians known as “human computers” who did the math that got NASA astronauts into space and safely back to Earth in the early 1960’s before the existence of electronic computers”
Medium: collage/acrylic Finished Size: 20hx16w Price: SOLD
Nancy M. Grigsby, Three Faces of Eve
“In today’s world, women play many roles and wear many faces; each one supposedly a true reflection of the individual. Yet while women carry more responsibility and continue to grow in influence in the world, we are still expected to conform with society’s image or standard of beauty. “
Medium: acrylic monoprint on paper Framed: 22″Hx18″W x 2”D Price: $700.00
Janis Graves, Free Spirit
“The free spirit shines through and gives us strength.”
Medium: oil Finished Size: 20hx24wx1.5d Price: $1,200.00
Amy Ferron, The Dark, Too, Blooms and Sings
“I find power and beauty even in the darkness.”
Medium: acrylic paint and paper on canvas Finished Size: 24hx20wx1.5d Price: $650.00
Roxanne Everett, Hedinsfjordur Valley
Medium: acrylic on paper Finished Size: 19hx25wx0d Price: $900.00
Helen Drummond, Venus Ascending
“Growing energy of the feminine heals the world: I extend sea and life energy abstractly extrapolated from Botticelli’s painting.”
Medium: oil Finished Size: 36hx24wx2d Price: $3,500.00
Kathy Collins, Generations
“Strong women building strong families.”
Medium: watercolor and collage on board Finished Size: 12hx15wx1d Price: $400.00
Larine Chung, Faces of Strong II – Faith
Medium: acrylic on mylar Finished Size: 14hx11w Price: $1,200.00
Susan E. Walker, “The Vision Quest”
“Here, a reflective young woman travels to foreign places to seek her own empowerment from wise, worldly elders.”
Medium: oil on canvas, 18hx24wx2d, Price: $875.00
Joan Cawley Crane, My Mothers/Myself
“This piece weaves together 3 images – portraits of my Mom, my mother in law, and me, revealing elements of similarities/influences of these powerful women, that I can see in myself.”
Medium: pencil, watercolor on paper – woven Finished Size: 12hx19w Price: $1000.00
Sara Cate, Should I Run For Office?
“This painting portrays my daughter Catherine, a no nonsense, determined, and grounded young woman, facing her future, the product of generations of strong women who have lived and struggled for the opportunities she now has. “
Medium: watercolor Finished Size: 26hx18w Price: $500.00
Ellen Busteed, Fight Ready
“I believe it is essential that we carefully scrutinize where we are with women’s issues today VS where we must go … then take dramatic action.”
Medium: acrylics Finished Size: 24hx18wx2d Price: $700.00
Kathie Bliss, Amber Waves
“The family homestead is definitely an equal opportunity enterprise!”
Medium: oil on canvas Finished Size: 24hx18w Price: $1,200.00
Beth Van Faasen Betker, When Dogs Run Free
“All stories begin._Where will they end?”
Medium: acrylic on canvas Finished Size: 36hx36wx2d Price: $1,600.00
Jacqui Beck, The Strength of Women
“The strength of women is not in emulating or being guided by men, but in the courage of being our true selves and sharing that with the world.”
Medium: mixed media Finished Size: 20hx20wx1d Price: $675.00
Carole Barrer, Orange 6
“I hear my own voice and sing it loudly.” Courtesy of Harris Harvey Gallery
Medium: acrylic on canvas Finished Size: 36hx36wx2d Price: $2,600.00
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