WPW Juried Member Show


Larson Gallery, Yakima Valley College

September 10 to October 22, 2022

Susan E. Walker, 1st PLACE AWARD
oil on canvas 20Hx40Wx1D $1,500
Janice La Verne Baker, 2nd PLACE AWARD
mixed media 16Hx22W $450
Molly Preston, 3rd PLACE AWARD
Rocky Shore
oil on canvas 24Hx24Wx2D $1,000
Marilyn Charlat Dix, Betty Jo Fitzgerald Memorial AWARD
Shared Paths
mixed media on board 24Hx24Hx2D $1,750
Laura Wise, Pia Messina Memorial AWARD
oil 11Hx14W $300
Barbara Seese Koefod, Sponsor’s AWARD
House Chicken
oil and acrylic on canvas 30Hx24Wx2D $500
Sandra Kahler, Sponsor’s AWARD
Coastline: Diverging
oil/cold wax on panel 16Hx16Wx2D $650
Beth Van Faasen Betker, Sponsor’s AWARD
Where We Meet the Sea
acrylic and oil 24Hx18Wx2D $1,000
Aida Rojas Ebeling, Sponsor’s AWARD
Fragmented Memory
mixed media on wood board 14Hx14Wx1D $180
Roxanne Everett, Sponsor’s AWARD
Charred Sentinel
acrylic 24Hx31Wx01D $2,900
Karen Quint, Sponsor’s AWARD
etching/woodblock 21Hx24Wx1D $500
Beth Van Faasen Betker
Crossing Selah Creek
mixed watermedia painted collage, 20Hx26Wx2D $1,200
Janice La Verne Baker
Gentleman Jack's Carriage
mixed media 12Hx12W $325
Laura Wise
oil 36Hx36W $3,000
Susie Wind
oil on canvas 36Hx36W $1,800
Beverly Shaw-Starkovich
Whispers of Long Ago
acrylic 30Hx24Wx2D $900.
Gayle Scholl
Shrub Steppe Texture 1
cold wax and oil on board 18Hx18Wx2D $850
Nancy Rothwell
acrylic 20Hx28Wx2D $450
Carol Ross
acrylic on canvas
acrylic on canvas 30Hx48W $2,100
Darcie Roberts
soft pastel 26Hx21Wx1D $1100
Terri J Rice
Further Up, Further In
oil on canvas 36HX36WX2D $1,100
Ilse Reimnitz
Madrona Coast
monotype print 38Hx30W $1,200
Julie Christensen Rackley
oil and oil pastel 14Hx18Wx1D $675
Judith Perry
State of Multiplicity
oil 24Hx36Wx2D $1,850
Carolyn Nelson
Kite Flyer III
oil and dry media on canvas 28Hx22Wx2D $650
Susan E. Walker
oil on canvas 24Hx30Wx2D $1,200
L. Kelly Lyles
Alcohol Pro/Con
acrylic on board 29Hx41W $800
Elizabeth Montes De Oca
acrylic on canvas 20Hx24Wx2D $750
Marsha Lippert
Rugged, Overlooking Columbia River Gorge
pastel 16Hx20Wx1D $395
Mary Jo Maute
A Mother's Worries
acrylic on canvas 40HX45WX1D $3,500
Judith Marshall
mixed medium 36Hx36W $3,600
Beverly Shaw-Starkovich
Boat Yard Relic
acrylic 30Hx24Wx2D $900.
Janci Mannington
oil on canvas 26Hx38Wx2D $2,275
Jamie Lightfoot
Safe Passages
oil 24Hx36Wx2D $2,900
Magali Lenarczak
watercolor on Yupo paper 24Hx18Wx2D $914
T Kurtz
Waltz Through Autumn
various soft pastels on suede mat 18HX15WX2D $595
Judy Kalin
Tomorrow's Hope for Today
oil 20Hx20Wx2D $395.00
Judy Kalin
Choices or Crisis
oil 11Hx17W $195.00
Sandra Kahler
Coastline: Looking North
oil/cold wax on panel 18Hx24Wx1D $800
Lezlie Jane
Lemon Chiffon and Blueberry Schmear
acrylic and painted paper collage 36Hx36Wx1D $1,800
Colleen Hoffenbacker
Tranquil Garden
oil on canvas 30Hx30Wx1D $1,800
Lynette Hensley
The Meeting
acrylic on cradle board 12Hx18Wx2D $435
Judith Heim
Angels Of Arts And Sciences
collage and acrylic on cradled board 24Hx18Wx2D Price: $650
Nancy M. Grigsby
At a Crossroads
mixed media 24Hx21W $500
Diana Grant
South by West
oil on canvas 37Hx19Wx2D $495
Diana Grant
North by East
oil on canvas 37Hx19Wx2D $495
Janet Fagan
mixed media 16Hx14W $490
Dena Elzie
Intersect #22
oil & cold wax 12Hx12Wx2D $300
Dena Elzie
Intersect #21
oil & cold wax 12Hx12Wx2D $300
Bev Eckmann
Grace In The Weeds
watercolor/acrylic marbling 26Hx20Wx2D $850
Aida Rojas Ebeling
This Does Not Exist Anymore
mixed media on wood board 14Hx14Wx1D $180.00
Joan Cawley Crane
Pandemic Self Portrait
monoprint: inks, graphite, thread 14Hx11Wx1D $666
Joan Cawley Crane
Moving Meditations - Field Notes
mixed media and found objects 14Hx14Wx1D
Sara Cate
First Snow in the Yakima Canyon
watercolor 18Hx22W $2,700
Ellen Busteed
acrylics 24Hx18Wx2D $700