Life Members

Life Membership is an honor bestowed to members of the Women Painters of Washington to recognize outstanding service to the organization. The Founding leaders were the first Life Members.

Requirements for consideration include a minimum of ten years membership, nomination by another member, review of qualification by the Life Membership Committee and approval by the Board of WPW.

We are fortunate to have a wonderful resource of volunteer energy in our group. Requirements that members must serve in some capacity in order to exhibit is part of what compels women to be involved, invested and interested in the group and we all benefit. Those women who go the extra mile and give incredible time and effort truly deserve this honor and enrich not only the present membership, but the organization for years to come. Many Life Members have served extensively as officers, board members, committee heads or other positions of extraordinary service. Annual dues and committee service are optional for life members.

1997 – Mabel Pletz Newman

2001 – Deidre Tucker

2003 – Jane Becker

2003 – Iris Nichols

2005 – Marilyn Bergstrom

2006 – Edith Weinstein

2010 – Nancy Rothwell

2011 – Ann Breckon

2012 – David Martin HONORARY MEMBER

2012 – Marilyn Webberley

2013 – Kay Dewar

2013 – Kristi Galindo Dyson

2013 – Barbara Benedetti Newton


2015 – Barbara Walker

2017 – Wendy Thon

2018 – Genny Rees

2019 – Jeannie Grisham

2021 – Cathy Woo

2022 – Marsha Lippert

2023 – Julie Fisco

2024 – Sandra Kahler