Juried Member show

This is Me

Red Sky Gallery – Lake Forest Park

September 1 thru 30, 2021

This is Me  Gallery of the Paintings

Jacqui Beck – FIRST PLACE
Where We Live
mixed media 24Hx24Wx1D $950.00
At Night We Believe
mixed media 24Hx36Wx2D $2,200.00
Diane Walker – THIRD PLACE
Trolling for Peace
acrylic 30Hx24Wx1D $600.00
Julie Creighton- PIA MESSINA AWARD
Autumn Alpine
watercolor 12Hx9Wx1D $350.00
Blue Hour
mixed media 20Hx40Wx2D $800.00
Victoria Foster Harrison – HONORABLE MENTION
encaustic with mark making 14Hx11Wx2D $225.00
Susan Walker
oil on canvas 18Hx24x2D Price: $800.00
Diane Walker
Under the Bodhi Tree
acrylic 30Hx24Wx1D $600.00
Beverly Shaw-Starkovich
acrylic 24Hx36Wx2D $1,200.00
Carol Ross
Tenuous Lines
acrylic on cradleboard 24Hx24W $900.00
K Robinson
Time-Lapse Sunset
oil bar on canvas 18Hx36W $1,800.00
K Robinson
Sundown in Canyonland
oil bar on canvas 14Hx18W $900.00
Mary M. Rae
Primroses In The Garden
acrylic on canvas 12Hx12Wx2D $400.00
Julie Christensen Rackley
Always Thinking of You
oil 20Hx28Wx2D $625.00
Barbara Benedetti Newton
You Made Me Love You
pastel 26Hx23Wx2D $2,400.00
Barbara Benedetti Newton
pastel 24Hx23Wx2D Price:
Kristin Morris
You Glow Girl
acrylic on birch 24Hx36Wx2D $998.00
Kristin Morris
In the Key of Hope and Harmony
acrylic on birch 30Hx18Wx2D $770.00
Susan K. Miller
Lotus Tapestry
mixed media on panel 24Hx24Wx2D $650.00
Janci Mannington
Dahlia Down Under
oil on canvas 30Hx40Wx2D $2,975.00
Magali Lenarczak
Seeds Of Hope
watercolor on Yupo paper 9Hx12Wx2D $364.00
Donna Leavitt
Fragment I
graphite $1,000.00
Judy Kalin
I Need Thee
Sumi collage on rice paper 16Hx16W $395.00
Sandra Kahler
High Summer: Evening Tide
oil and wax on panel 10Hx10W $800.00
Sandra Kahler
oil and wax on panel 14Hx18W $1,600.00
Judith Heim
Working From Home
collage/acrylic 20Hx16W $550.00
Judith Heim
collage/acrylic 20Hx16W $550.00
Janis Graves
Soaring Free
oil 20Hx20Wx2D $900.00
Diana Grant
30"x24" oil on canvas $350.00
Diana Grant
30"x24" oil and acrylic on canvas $350.00
Sharon Grader
Lost in My Thoughts #3
mixed media 24Hx24Wx2D $950.00
Kristi Galindo Dyson
New Balance
acrylic with collage 28Hx28Wx2D $900.00
Amy Ferron
Breath of Twilight
mixed media 12Hx36Wx2D $1,500.00
Julie Creighton
Ribbons of Rhythm
watercolor 19Hx23Wx1D $400.00
Kathy Collins
Kathy Collins
Realm of Possibility
watercolor on board 12Hx15Wx2D Price: $$
Ellen Busteed
With A Wink and A Nod
acrylic 24Hx36Wx2D $700.00
Olga Bolgar
Where Are You, Dream?
oil 24Hx18Wx3D $1,400.00
Beth Van Faasen Betker
Push 2
watercolor 18Hx22Wx2D $500.00
Christine Bergman
Skagit Flats Afternoon
encaustic mixed media 12Hx2Wx2D $700.00
Christine Bergman
Drifting Leaves
encaustic mixed media 18Hx32Wx2D $1,200.00
Jacqui Beck
Room to Roam
mixed media 16Hx20Wx1D $550.00
Mary Anderson
Pansies Still Life
watercolor 13Hx13W $300.00
Mary Anderson
Grapes Still Life
watercolor 13Hx13W $350.00